Simple Genius Freestep

Cities are busy. always on the move. constantly growing, expanding and modernising. This means that commuters are constantly faced with new challenges getting from point-to-point. Wether they're cyclist, drivers, motorcyclists or pedestrians. Which is why Simple Genius was inspired to invent a new way that makes getting around on bicycles in urban areas better, easier and healthier. Freestep is a concept that leaps into the future and challenges existing conventions. 

The free step completely alters the idea of cycling taking it entire new dimensions - a bike that redefines cycling, a giant step for bicycle design. And with assemblages uniquely designed created for the Freestep. What we have is simply genius. A concept that resonates yesteryear designs and embrace contemporary society's need for speed and road use comfort. An eye-pleasing look and appeal and the step boards that replace standard rotational pedals operated by counteracting gears for the forward motion. And finally an assortment of custom choices offering preference finishes and finalised desirability that resonates artisanship.


As city dwellers who cycle to get around town we know is it possible to travel around the city quickly and easily on two wheels. We do it all the time. Freestep steps up (pun intended!) to the challenge with an even more sleek approach to cycling. It takes the fluidity of walking or skiing and puts it on two wheels; and is all brought together by clever functions using wheel gear that retire pedal functions with unique engineering and superior design. The result of this is an immensely comfortable, enjoyable and easier journey achieved through simple stepping actions. Additional perks include, thorough core strength, limb and ab workouts which means increased strength with every journey as you body gets used to the idea of "stepping".